Jo Anne Allen
My Son is a Marine - An Iraq War Story - by Jo Anne Allen
Publisher: Echelon Press
ISBN: 1-59080-448-1
Pages: 194
Publication Date: April 2005

An Iraq War Story


After enduring 13 grueling weeks of Marine boot camp, 18 year old Lance Corporal Aaron J Allen threw his class A cap into the air at graduation. He was ready to be deployed to the fiercest battle zone in Iraq, where terrorism has replaced conventional warfare and there is clearly no defined enemy. What can a mother do to protect her son from thousands of miles away?

I wrote, My Son Is a Marine to tell the world how great my son tell his story through my eyes. It had to have been a GOD thing because I wrote it in less than a week with the good Lord giving me back every single detailed memory from the day he was born.

The book talks about what God has done for our family and how we, as a family, gave Him our worries and our hardships because none of us could certainly deal with it.

Now that 5,000 books have been sold and three years have passed, I had no idea the impact it would have on others. I have come to understand the very purpose for which I was born. Who else would tell this story?

Countless mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, loved ones, friends and neighbors have contacted me to tell me personally what this book has done for them. It moves my very soul to know that someone else came to know the Lord through the stories in this book. Someone is no longer lost. Someone has been saved. Isn't it true that Jesus Himself says, "One soul is worth the whole world."

Please order a copy and read my story.

The Military Writers Society of America gave this book their "2006 Reader's Choice Award".

Maternal bias aside, it is my belief that, despite the negativism of bringing God back into our world, this book was meant to change lives...even if it is just one at a time.

God bless you always and Semper Fi!

Jo Anne Allen